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The Bayswater Omnibus

George Joy

The Bayswater Omnibus

Date : 1895
Technique : oil on canvas
Dimensions : 172 x 120 cm
Location : Museum of London, UK
Photo credit : Museum of London, UK / Bridgeman Giraudon

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The artist

Born into a family of Irish artists, George William Joy was torn between a career as a violinist or as a painter. He settled on the latter and went to study in London, notably at the Royal Academy, and later in Paris. His work is in keeping with the great classical tradition: portraits and religious, romantic or historical scenes, such as his famous portrayal of the death of General Gordon in Khartoum in 1885. But his views of the Bayswater Omnibus, a horse-drawn omnibus in the Victorian era, show his ability to represent modern life in its most prosaic details.