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Les gbakas d'Abidjan

Daouda -le sentimental- Koné

les gbakas d'Abidjan

Date : 1976
Length : 5'35"
Label : Coeur De Cible C.i
Copyright : Aristide Houessinon

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Born in Burkina Faso, Daouda Koné studied at INA, the specialized audiovisual training school in Paris and began his career as a technician with Ivorian television. Very quickly his colleagues noticed his talent as a composer, songwriter and singer, and he was invited to perform on television where he was an instant success. His first hit "Les gbakas d'Abidjan" (gbakas are the public transit minibuses that run in and around the city) shows his interest in the daily lives of his contemporaries. His other favorite subject is love, which has earned him the nickname "Daouda the Sentimental". To date he has recorded more than a dozen albums, in Africa and elsewhere.