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mheu, Historical Museum of the Urban Environment

The Tube Train

Cyril Power

The tube train, linocut

Date : 1934
Technique : linocut
Size : 31 x 31 cm
Location : private collection
Photo credit : © Osborne Samuel Ltd, London / Bridgeman Giraudon

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The artist

An English artist born in 1872, Cyril Power is best known for his linocuts. He studied architecture and worked in his father's practice. A lecturer at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art, he learned the linocutting technique from Claude Flight. In subsequent years he made many linocut prints on the subject of the London Underground, which had commissioned him to design posters advertising the sporting events that could be reached by Tube. He exhibited in London from 1933 onwards while continuing to practice architecture. At the end of his life, Power delved into oil painting, mainly floral studies. He died in 1951.